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For Digital Catapult, mission number one is adhering to our commitment to provide an easy-to-use platform that positively maximizes value for rights-holding content creators, content holders and providers such as publishers, while at the same time creating the most memorable experience for the end-user.

Content as we know it today possess that "undiscovered value" , while at the same time the user searches for "undiscovered content". Finding that hidden sweet spot and transforming it into a viable business is what we here at Digital Catapult are all about.

With our sights set on the world stage, we will serve as the launching pad for sharing the rich culture of Japan around the globe. That is the Digital Catapult dream.


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Who We Are

Matsuzaki Hirotaka

Representative Director
Matsuzaki Hirotaka

Born 1961 in Tokyo
He graduated from Hosei University
In 1984, joined the First Division (currently called the Publications Printing & Information Division) of Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. In the publication printing business, he has been in charge of many publishers' relations, and support the production of a lot of manga, magazines, books and even dictionaries. In 2013, he became the General Manager of the Publications Printing & Information Division (current position).
He grew up while reading shonen manga, thus, he is now really happy to work in this field. He likes reading and baseball. For him, there is nothing better that watching is alma mater high-school baseball team playing during the Koshien, a high-school summer baseball tournament.

Naoki Shimizu

Director Naoki Shimizu

Born 1960 in Tokyo
He is a graduate of the Management Department of Komazawa University.
In 2006 he was made Manager of Business Planning Department in Publications Printing & Information Division at Kyodo Printing Co. He became engaged in introducing value added concepts to published content, which started out as an incidental project. In that same year on the occasion of the founding of the company, he participated in the planning of building systems and content digitization and transmission. From 2013, he was named head of both Kyodo Printing Co.’s Sales Promotion & Solution Center and Media Promotion Department. From 2006 to 2012, he was on the board of Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA).
His fond wish is to create a friendly digital comic environment for the young people of the world.

Tatsuki Hirayanagi

Director Tatsuki Hirayanagi

Born 1977, Tokyo
Graduated in Social Studies from Waseda University
With a varied background including do narration for TV shows, starting new IT companies and facilitating the start up of venture firms, he joined Digital Catapult in 2009, becoming Director in 2012.
From his mid-20s to early 30s, he lived in Seoul and Hong Kong.
His dream is to transform Tokyo into the world capital of manga.


Digital Catapult Inc.

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