SOKUYOMI began life as the online shop for publisher Shogakukan with a grand re-opening in December 2009, carrying titles from a range of publishers.

It currently boasts a line up of over 200 publishers and content holders that provide content for a multitude of adoring fans.

In particular, to serve the needs of our female readers, who make up more than 80% of our customers in Japan, we have developed a targeted promotional platform that caters to their individualistic tastes. This platform has attracted much notice in the industry.

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Not only do we aid in production of ebook files, but thanks to resources available to us via our connection with the Kyodo Printing group, we can also accept orders for making paper print versions as well.

In addtion, we have fully developed systems in place for simultaneous publication (Simultaneous production of both paper and digital content), both inside and outside of Japan.

From paper-based printing through the entire spectrum of ebook publishing, we can provide complete solutions at a reasonable cost. Our partnerships with translation firms both in and outside of Japan allow us to publish products in any language. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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In addition to SOKUYOMI, our company has in place a tightly woven distribution network of ebook stores, both within Japan and abroad.

Having operated our own company since 2006, other firms who have recently entered the field of ebookstores can benefit from our collective know-how and rich experience by utilizing our intermediary services.

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Sales Support

Reading system at no cost

When it comes to ebook promotions, offering potential buyers a “Free Read” is a must. However, not only does this necessitate the creation of a “Free Read” e-file, but also the development of an authoring system, viewer, database and content server.

Costs for this can quickly run into 6 digits, a tremendous financial burden for the content holder. Profits that were destined to be rolled over into production are reduced, a significant worry for the ebook industry as a whole.

To tackle this, we have begun offering our own cutting edge reading system used in our SOKUYOMI service at no cost. Just adding a few simple tags enables your users to enjoy trial reads through your own website.

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Ebook as digital novelty

Published manga and magazines until now have often contained the “Freebie”, small items that came with the material as a bonus to the reader. However, “Freebies” came with their own complications, such as defects, inventory management and ingestion by children. With the digital content revolution comes a new definition of the “Freebie”.

As a “Digital Freebie”, we now offer a coupon system. Use of this system enables us to act as traditional advertising firm and deal directly with the content providers.

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Operational Remodeling

The truly great benefit of digital content is the ability to distribute to many customers with few operational staff.

Through our own background in operating our own ebookstore, file production, and intermediary management, we have run the gauntlet of trial and error. Now, let us share the benefit of our experience with you, along with the latest knowledge of industry trends, to maximize the efficiency of your organization.

In addition, it becomes necessary to reevaluate the way we think when cutting-edge ebook meet the venerable traditions of the publishing industry. To enlighten and educate, we provide staff to offer instruction on this evolving topic on an as need basis.

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One-stop foreign rights agency

Digital Catapult Inc. is a one-of-its-kind global licensing agency in Japan.

Here, we strive to enhance the publication of content on the international stage for both paper-based and digital books for a broad range of genres such as manga, children’s literature, education, culture, cooking, health and handicraft works.


Backed by Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd, the third largest printing company in Japan, our international team is working closely with leading publishers between East Asia, South-East Asia, Europe and Middle East. And our network is continuously expanding to ensure our clients a worldwide literary coverage.

Every year, Digital Catapult’s agents are attending major book fairs all around the globe to find or to introduce the exciting titles that will match each publisher’s unique vision.

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